High Performance Home  Falmouth

Rock Wool

1. Rock Wool

The balance of the wall cavity is filled with 5 ½” of blown rock wool to provide excellent R-value and fire protection.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam

2” of closed cell spray foam is installed in the wall system to assist with air sealing.


Sub floor

The double layer of Advantech sub-floor is installed over the rigid insulation to provide a solid floating sub-floor system. 9” White Pine finished flooring will be installed over the sub floor.

Foam Install

Foam install

Installation of 4” of rigid foam over the slab provides a continuous insulation barrier above the slab.

Window Install

 Window install

Installation of Sierra Pacific triple glazed windows

Exterior Trim 2

Exterior trim 2

Finished trim detail

Exterior Trim 1

Exterior trim 1

Installation of the red cedar outriggers and cedar eave detail.

Aerial Photo

Aerial Photo

Trusses and sheathing installation.

Roof Trusses

Installation on roof trusses and 5/8” Zip roof sheathing.

Zip R sheathing

Installation of Zip System R – 6 wall sheathing, provides continuous R-6 rigid insulation to combat thermal bridging and provides an excellent air tight wall system when combined with acoustical sealant and the zip tape system.


2 x 8 walls going up at 2’ OC.


Installing pre-cast piers to support the wrap around deck and roof structures.

Ground Gutter

Installing the ground gutter. This 6” PVC ground gutter runs the perimeter of the foundation at the drip line of the roof. This house will not have gutters and this ground gutter carries the roof run off to daylight.


Installation of the slab over 12” of crushed compacted stone. This slab will provide the base for the 4” of continuous rigid insulation that will be installed under the sub floor.

Vapor barrier

Vapor barrier installed over 12” of crushed stone on top of the compacted fill.


Installation of the concrete footings and walls