High-Performance Homes

Our approach to developing a High-Performance Home is to craft a plan that results in a durable, comfortable, healthy, energy efficient and environmentally responsible place to live for our clients.

At Shoreline Builders, we create an experienced collaborative team of Client / Architect / Builder that harnesses our expertise in design, building science and project delivery with the values of our clients. We constantly consider new materials and building methods and measure them to our proven strategies in order to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their project. Our clients desired aesthetics, light quality, and spatial needs are never compromised by our High-Performance efforts.  Rather we work diligently to integrate these desires within an energy efficiency framework.

This integration is the result of our best talent - We Listen – which allows us to routinely exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our collaborative approach does not stop at the end of design but continues throughout the entire construction process – right through project delivery.  We work tirelessly to ensure that our client’s needs and desires are being met by our experienced efforts and reflected in every detail of their new home.

If a client wishes, we can strive for certification as a Passive House or Net Zero Home, or we can coordinate the best effort of a budget, construction methods, and design criteria to develop what we call “A Really Good House”.  Regardless of title designation, be assured that a Shoreline Builders’ High-Performance Home is a house built with intention and with the attention to detail and quality that will produce a durable, comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home for your family to thrive…we welcome the opportunity to talk more with you.